Men’s T-Shirt Styles

33For many years, the men’s t-shirt has been a staple of the fashion and casual world. Its prevalence has not diminished over the years, and it has become a symbol of relaxed or sporting wear. Originally invented as a kind of underwear, it came to its first popular use when the US Navy added it to the uniform (as underwear) in 1913. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous American author, was the first to coin the term ‘t-shirt’ in a novel about 15 years later.

Today, we wear the t-shirt as its own clothing piece rather than as underwear. The range has expanded throughout the years, and there are now multiple styles of men’s t-shirt for multiple purposes and looks.

Crew neck: The crew neck is a traditional style of t-shirt, with a high, round neckline. It has been popular since the beginning of the t-shirt’s rise, and remains popular today. Traditionally, it was white crew neck shirts that were worn as underwear due to their lack of buttons and durability. A white cotton crew neck is still a staple of mens’ wear, and can be worn with blue jeans for a classic relaxed look.

V-neck: The v neck t-shirt has become a popular option for both women and men, offering a little more interest than the traditional crew neck but keeping with the traditional line. It can be more flattering for men with long necks and smaller builds, as it shows off the collarbones and leaves room for a necklace or scarf. Just as versatile as a crew neck, the v neck may be seen as more daring, but it has become mainstream in recent years and is a popular style to add variation to your wardrobe.

Polo shirt: For a semi-formal look that retains all the comfort of a t-shirt, a polo shirt is the ideal choice. Often worn by golfers, this type of t-shirt sports a collar which can both protect the wearer from the sun and add to the formality of the t-shirt. Paired with slacks or dark trousers, the polo shirt can be worn to summer dinners and is the perfect outfit for relaxing outside.

Sleeveless: Sleeveless t-shirts are more of a recent invention, and are commonly worn during the summer months. They keep the body cooler by exposing the arms, rather than sporting the usual half-sleeve. This casual look is often worn to the beach or a concert, and offers a convenient change for summer.

Long sleeve: Another variation of the t-shirt, the long sleeve t-shirt is often worn in Winter and Fall. The full length sleeve protects the arm from the cold, and also offers some protection from thorns or plants. Long sleeved t-shirts made from wool or polypropylene may be worn by outdoorsmen in order to keep warm while hiking or paddling. They are a warm choice that offers the comfort of a t-shirt in combination with the added practicality.

Raglan:The raglan t-shirt offers a style of sleeve that many find more comfortable. It can give the t-shirt an original look and shape and is best suited to men with broader shoulders.